About - Steve Kraitt

I have been a beauty photographer for over 10 years, following a previous career as an award-winning graphic designer.
I create clean, crisp images which are meticulously crafted, highly polished and impactful. I am fascinated by intense colour,
mesmerising clarity and flawless perfection, all of which infuse my work with a hyper-real vibrancy and visceral intensity.
A key component of my work is post production, through which I am able to realize the full potential of my images.

Clients include: Hardy Amies, Cosmopolitan, Gola, Natacha Marro, Viktoria Modesta, Britain's Next Top Model,
Jai Kudo, Chichia London, Anatomic Bomb, Karolina Laskowska, Podium, J K London, Anathema Designs, Eva Auad,
The Kenwood Club, Johnny Wore Black.

All content & images © Steve Kraitt 2018.

All Rights Reserved.  Email: studio@kraitt.com

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