About Steve Kraitt Photography - Steve Kraitt

I have been a beauty photographer for over 10 years, following a previous career as an award-winning graphic designer.
I create clean, crisp images which are meticulously crafted, highly polished and impactful. I am fascinated by intense colour,
mesmerising clarity and flawless perfection, all of which infuse my work with a hyper-real vibrancy and visceral intensity.
A key component of my work is post production, through which I am able to realize the full potential of my images.

Clients include:  Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, Maxim, The Guardian, Time Inc, Conde Nast,
Associated Newspapers, Express Newspapers, ACP Magazines, Bauer Media, Hearst Inc, Hardy Amies, Microsoft,
Natacha Marro, Viktoria Modesta, Hyatt International, Yahoo Media, AOL, Jai Kudo Eyewear, Gola,
Podium Eyewear, Karolina Laskowska Lingerie, J K London Eyewear, The Kenwood Club. 

All content & images © Steve Kraitt 2018.

All Rights Reserved.  Email: studio@kraitt.com

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