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Raising Your Brand Above the Noise


I’m a London based commercial photographer who creates stunning images that elevate your brand above the competition.


Your products deserve premium quality photo and video content to help them stand out from the crowd and that’s exactly what I deliver, helping your business achieve the results you know it can.


When we work together, not only do you get my years of experience in the studio and on location; you also get a highly creative problem solver and a highly skilled post-production expert, fluent in advanced retouching, video editing and creative colour grading techniques.


It means that your potential customers, who are constantly bombarded by stunning imagery with increasingly high production values, get exactly what they need to inspire them to buy your products.


Prior to my career as a professional photographer, I spent over 15 years as the creative director of an international company. As a result, I have a comprehensive understanding of the creative needs - and pain-points - of your business. I also know how to help resolve your problems when it comes to creative production, brand identity, storytelling, content creation and more. I’d like to help you make confident creative choices that get results.

Why do I do what I do? Here’s why…

I just LOVE the whole creative process.


I love helping a client articulate what it is that excites them about what they do, their brand, their products, their story.


I love the collaborative process, throwing ideas back & forth, solving problems, shifting perspective in order to reveal a new and exciting view of a subject.


I love the creation of something out of nothing, whether it’s a single portrait, the story of a product and its purpose, or the identity of an entire brand.


I love light, and what it does. I love natural light, soft and flat like a blanket, or hard and hot with razor sharp edges. I love sunlight, golden light, backlight and twilight. I also love artificial light, and all the ways you can manipulate and sculpt it.


I love the feeling when you release the shutter and just KNOW that you’ve captured something stunning.


I love curating each shoot. Reviewing every frame and carefully crafting the story that the client wants to tell.


I love retouching. Taking a great image and adding the veneer, the polish, the shine. For me it’s so much more than a quick clean-up. It’s half of the process, where just as many creative decisions are made as before and during the shoot.


I love sending final images to a client and getting totally awesome emails back… like these:


“OMG Steve! I can’t pick! I love them all!”


“These images are all perfect, thank you!”


“You are beyond amazing thank you so much!”


“I adore them. I have to say it... I’m in awe every time.”


“Brilliant! Thank you Steve, they’re GREAT. Please send me your invoice.”

What do you get when we work together?


You get exceptional content that raises your brand above the noise.


You get meticulously crafted images which reflect your brand’s values, message and identity.


You get great work, on time and on budget.


I’m passionate about what I do and I love building new relationships, so please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss any upcoming projects.


And don’t forget…

90% of online shoppers say that image quality is the most important factor in their decision to buy online.


A bad photograph can severely damage brand association in the long term.


A great photograph helps establish your brand and connect with your target audience.

Talk to me

Want to discuss an upcoming project / get a rough idea of costs / chew over a brief / debate the merits of Bitcoin or the musical sensibilities of Frank Zappa...?

Steve is an astonishing creative. He interprets a brief with intuition, flair and expertise and is second to none. Best in his field.

Michele Quastel

CEO - Le Kevin

I’ve worked with Steve on a number of shoots whereupon he has gone above and beyond to produce amazing images. I first met Steve after searching for a photographer on line and after browsing his website I instinctively knew he was the guy I wanted to collaborate with. Whatever thoughts and ideas you bring to the table, Steve just ‘get’s it’ and, more often than not will take the idea to a whole new level! Days spent in the studio / on location with Steve are always a pleasure, full of laughter and creativity. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to elevate their brand and want that little bit ‘extra’.

Danny Letton ABDS

Visual Consultant and Creative Director

Steve was more than a pleasure to work with. Exceptional communication from the word go, he planned our shoot meticulously, keeping me regularly updated along the way. Incredibly well organised, not only did he plan the shoot to perfection, he also executed it with true professionalism which shone through in the results. He has an eye for what looks good and gives direction accordingly. One of the best photographers I have worked with in terms of his ability to connect with the model and bring her up to the level he is looking for to get the best results possible. Steve is not only polite, charming, funny and professional, he's also brilliant at what he does. An absolute diamond to do business with, can't recommend him highly enough.

Kayt Webster-Brown

Model & Photographer

I have known Steve professionally and personally for 30+ years. The length of that time is testimony in itself to his qualities as a human being as well as in the fields of professional photography and marketing. I would unhesitatingly recommend him for any creative brief or campaign in the knowledge that he will fully deliver whatever is required whilst simultaneously adding a refreshingly original ingredient to the mix.

Mark Craig
Producer / Director - Stopwatch Productions

Steve is my 'go to' photographer. He always captures me and my personality in the photos. He's a total joy to work with. Calm, confident, funny, serious... basically whatever the shoot calls for. We laugh A LOT when we work together. He's efficient and organised, and in the midst of it all, he's creative and inventive. I'm laughing right now as I remember back to our shoots. It's clear to see, certainly to me and I'm confident in saying for you too, how much he loves his work. Both Steve and his work are consistent, and I have to say, really good value. I see myself working with Steve long term. Every time I share an image that he's taken, people message me to tell me how fab I look. I mean, that's a given, but it's Steve's talent that brings it to the fore, time and again. In short... if you're looking for a photographer check him out.

Mars Lord

Life Coach and Goddess of War

Steve is a very professional and highly personable photographer and we have worked together over a number of projects. He has a great eye for delivering a brief to a high level of detail and bringing your vision to life in a creative and authentic capacity. I would certainly recommend him.

Janet Milner-Walker

Founder & MD - Bespoke Advantage

Steve's ability to execute beautiful images from concept to finished pictures is second to none. I have had the pleasure of working with him a number of times, and each time I came away with absolutely amazing pictures that were an asset to my portfolio and contributed massively to marketing myself and booking more work. If you're looking for someone with a plethora of experience in beauty and fashion, look no further. To put it simply, Steve is one of the most talented, professional photographers I have ever worked with.


Rachael Uriarte

Model & Marketing Strategist​

Human-made imagery since 2007

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